Enhancing Implementation of TNA Results

UNFCCC workshop on technology needs assessments - Background Paper I

1 June 2011

The objective of this background paper is to explore possible actions to enhance the implementation of technologies for mitigation and adaptation as prioritized through Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs) in the form of projects, programmes and policies

The UNFCCC secretariat’s synthesis report of 2009 has indicated that about 70% of Parties which conducted TNA reports identified in their TNAs next steps for accelerating prioritised technologies. Examples of such steps are: enhancing access to information and raising awareness of environmentally sustainable technologies, and labels and standards for energy efficiency measures in the buildings and residential sectors.

Some 35% of Parties developed in their TNAs concrete ideas, proposals and/or concepts for projects and/or programs in different sectors. However, the report has also shown that very few TNAs contained comprehensive implementation plans with extensive coverage of technology transfer issues. 

The paper can be viewed/downloaded here:pdftna_implementation2011.pdf860.5 KB