• UNFCCC article on Technology Roadmaps

    UNFCCC article on Technology Roadmaps   We are very happy to announce the publication of the paper "Technology roadmaps for scaled-up implementation of climate technologies in developing countries", authored by our colleagues Wytze van der Gaast and Carlos Picón,  which has been submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This comprehensive study delves into the concept of Technology Roadmaps (TRMs) and offers valuable insights and recommendations to enhance climate technology development and transfer in developing countries. The study demonstrates that TRMs can encompass individual technologies, entire sectors, countries, or regions, providing advanced implementation plans and future visions for sustainable development with Read More
  • New UNFCCC paper for Egypt negotiations

    For the 57th session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI held at Sharm el Sheikh, 6-12 November of this year), our colleagues Malte Renz and Wytze van der Gaast had the honour to support the UNFCCC secretariat in preparing an information note for the agenda item "Poznan strategic programme on technology transfer". The information note discusses the status and successes of, challenges in and lessons learned from projects undertaken through the regional climate technology transfer and finance centres in Sub-Sahara Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Northern Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean.The information note can be read Read More
  • UNFCCC Published JIN's Synthesis Report for the Global Stocktake

    The UNFCCC published the synthesis report for the technical assessment component for the global stocktake, elaborated by JIN, on its Global Stocktake Information Portal. The report identifies achievements by the TEC in the thematic areas of the Technology Framework, and analyses challenges and solutions for technology RD&D, market deployment, and diffusion towards widespread utilisation in markets in developing countries. The report also explores how international collaboration can support climate technology RD&D, deployment, and diffusion. Link   Read More
  • UNFCCC Policy Brief Based on JIN's Paper

    The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change published a policy brief based on JIN's paper on linkages between TNAs and NDCs.It is very rewarding to see that our hard work and creative solutions to make socio-economic development compatible with sustainability and equality in developing countries are being considered for decision-making at the UN level.In this paper, we try to propose solutions to combine the fulfilment of Paris Agreement targets with the inclusion of specific development projects created by countries, both strengthening the roadmap towards zero emissions in 2050 with specific actions and supporting these projects by mainstreaming them with Read More
  • The potential for successful climate policy in National Energy and climate plans

    We are really happy ato share our colleague Wytze contributed to a new publication on the elaboration of National Energy and Climate Plans. Integrating scaled-up mitigation technologies within existing economic and social structures face numerous difficulties and requires careful planning. Different countries adopt different approaches to the integration of public opinions in these plans, sometimes neglecting the consideration of key aspects, which could result in the underestimation of the social impacts derived from the implementation of climate actions, as well as a false perception of the feasibility of climate policies due to social resistance. The full open-access document can be Read More
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