CARISMA Monitor 6 front pageCARISMA Climate Change Mitigation Monitor

No. 6, July 2016

The CARISMA project thas published the sixth Climate Change Mitigation Monitor. The publication series includes a mix of climate change mitigation (policy) commentaries, references to relevant publications, and CARISMA project updates. Issue no. 6 (July 2016) includes the following topics:

  • Enhanced guidance for preparing a TAP (by Wytze van der Gaast, JIN)
  • Information overload? Review of databases on climate change mitigation policy (by Harro van Asselt and Stefan Bößner, Stockholm Environment Institute)
  • Jump start the EU heating and cooling strategy (by the BIOTEAM project)
  • Roadmaps for low-carbon energy technology (International Energy Agency)
  • The costs of climate change mitigation (Climate Policy Info Hub, by the POLIMP project)
  • Technology transfer in the Paris Agreement: is Europe ready for enlightened self-interest? (by Heleen de Coninck, Radboud University)
  • Accelerating public understanding of CCS (Global CCS Institute)
  • Pledges overshoot Paris temperature limit
  • Key recent publications on climate change mitigation
  • CARISMA project updates and online mitigation portal

The CARISMA-POLIMP Climate Change Monitor can be downloaded here: pdfCARISMA_Climate_Change_Mitigation_Monitor_July_2016.pdf1.39 MB