Clean development

Green development refers to a development where economic, social, and environmental goals are achieved in a balanced way. Under the UN Framework Convention for Climate (UNFCCC), there are several concepts that address green development with a specific focus on identifying options, such as technologies and practices, for climate change mitigation and adaptation which also contribute to achieving countries' short to longer term economic, social and environmental development priorities.

Examples of such processes are:

  • Nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs), which requests both developed and developing countries to identify actions for greenhouse gas emission reductions that fit wll in countries' sustainable development agenda.
  • National adaptation plans (NAP), which aim at planning actions to protect countries against the consequences of a changing climate in light of national development contexts.
  • Technology Needs Assessments (TNA), which aim at supporting developing countries to prioritise technologies for mitigation and adaptation against national economic, social and environmental criteria, and to formulation action plans for implementation of these technologies at a desired scale within the countries.

JIN's activities on supporting green development

JIN has carried out the following projects on green development aspects: