JIQ Magazine July 2015 front pageJIQ Magazine vol. 21, no. 2 (July 2015)

Dear JIQ reader,

We have the pleasure to present  the latest issue of the Joint Implementation Quarterly (JIQ) with the following topics:

  • Evolution of the Swedish Programme for International Climate Change Mitigation (By Hanna-Mari Ahonen and Ola Hansén)
  • EU ETS Market Stability Reserve Moves Forward in Time
  • How INDCs can Benefit from Work on TNAs and NAMAs (By Erwin Hofman and Wytze van der Gaast)
  • EU Stakeholder Perspectives on Implementation of Policies under EED Article 7 (report by ENSPOL project coordinator)
  • Improving the Cost-Benefit Ratio of Large-Scale Mono Manure Digestion in the Netherlands (report by BIOTEAM project coordinator)

The issue can be downloaded from: pdfJIQ_Magazine_July_2015.pdf1.12 MB

We hope you enjoy reading the issue.

All the best,

JIQ editors