CARISMA workshop on international R&I collaboration

CARISMA logoCollaboration on Mitigation Technology R&I Between Europe and Emerging Economies

  • Time: Monday 20 February 2017
  • Location: Amsterdam Central Library, the Netherlands

Research and innovation (R&I) in mitigation technologies is increasingly taking place on a global scale. This globalization of innovation not only involves collaboration in R&I activities across OECD countries, but increasingly extends to partners from emerging economies, such as China, India and Brazil, in R&I projects
and programmes undertaken in Europe.

Part of the CARISMA project focuses on mapping such cross-border, collaborative R&D initiatives, and on analysing how such developments impact the feasibility of mitigation options. The aim is to provide recommendations to relevant decision-makers and stakeholders to better serve mitigation targets.

A central element of the work on R&I collaboration involves consultation with the involved government and business actors, both in Europe and in emerging economies, in order to learn from their experiences in both process and outcome. On 20 February 2017, the CARISMA project organises a one-day workshop in Amsterdam's Central Library, aiming to obtain insights on the benefits and drawbacks of R&I collaboration, underlying strategic considerations, and key challenges and trade-offs (such as IPR issues and organisational aspects).

Attendance to the workshop is by invitation only. If you are involved in R&I collaboration, please contact Ulrich Elmer Hansen of the UNEP DTU Partnership for an invitation ().