ENSPOL platformENSPOL knowledge sharing platform launched

Article7EED.eu platform on Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive

ENSPOL partners would like to announce the newly launched Article 7 EED (Energy Efficiency Directive) ENSPOL Knowledge Sharing Platform. It brings together information on Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes (EEOs) and Alternative Policy Measures from across the EU (and beyond) in one central place. The aim is to make this information easily accessible and available to a wide audience in order to:

  • Enable the dissemination of knowledge and experience.
  • Inform and support policy making and implementation.

The platform aims to provide information on past experiences and current challenges of EEO schemes and alternative policy measures. The primary source of information on the platform currently is the Intelligent Energy Europe ENSPOL project, but reference is also made to a range of other relevant and related studies and resources with the expectation that this content will grow over time through contributions made by users of the platform. Users are able to post comments, questions and information across all pages of the platform.

Visit now the ENSPOL Knowledge Sharing Platform!