JIQ Magazine vol. 23, no. 3 (October 2017)

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JIQ frontpage October 2017We have the pleasure to present the latest issue of JIQ Magazine (Joint Implementation Quarterly) with the following topics:

  • An integrated what? - Editor's note
  • Thre role of the education system in the transition to a circular economy (DuurzaamDoor project)
  • GHG and energy consumption: the overlooked challenges in wastewater treatment (by Evina Katsou and Vasileia Vasiliki)
  • Is the EU gas sector 'greening'? (by Catrinus J. Jepma, Charlotte van Leeuwen and Daan Hulshof)
  • The heat is on! The local heat energy transition in Midden-Drenthe, Netherlands (PUBLENEF project)
  • Lost in transition? (by Eise Spijker)
  • Reports
  • JIQ Meeting Planner

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